Interview Flow

What makes a great LiveTheGoals interview? It's all about LESSONS and LAUGHTER. Also, it's all about the AUDIO.  Click here for the Logitech Clearchat. It's only $25 on Amazon and it's the minimum audio quality allowed on LiveTheGoals.

LiveTheGoals Podcast provides motivational Word of the Days, interviews, lessons and laughter while helping people set, reach and live goals that lead them to their best life. We ranked on iTunes New & Noteworthy rankings in every category we’re listed in and we have listeners in over 63 Countries! In just over a year, LiveTheGoals Podcast has had over 20,000 downloads.

LiveTheGoals Podcast listeners who I affectionately call “Friends & Family” are looking for motivation and tools to help them set and reach goals that will have them living a life of purpose and passion! Some of our Friends & Family are trying to figure out their purpose and others are trying to figure out how to incorporate their passion into their lives.

I can't guarantee it, but we'll try to get to most if not all of the questions below! However, this will be a conversation so don't be surprised if we just take the convo wherever it goes and end up skipping some of the questions. The questions below with a * in front of them are questions that will always be covered in every episode... even if we veer way off topic!

*1) Intro:

I will use the short intro you provide or I create and allow you to quickly elaborate. After that, I'll ask you to elaborate on your bio.

*2) Most Recent LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Moment:

We believe in finding laughter in everything we do!

Have a short story or joke about something that really made you laugh recently.

3) Goals:

What do you do to make sure you reach your goals?

Do you have a habit or routine you attribute your success to?

Give our listeners one actionable step they can start doing TODAY that will help them become more successful at reaching their goals.

What BIG goal do you currently have that you are excited about?

4) Purpose:

Have you found your purpose?

If so, How did you find it?

Did anything hold you back from pursuing your purpose right away?

5) Overcoming Obstacles:

Tell me a STORY about one of your Lowest Point. I want listeners to really understand your journey and how far you have come since your lowest point. 

How has that shaped your path to living a life of purpose and passion?

Looking back at that obstacle, how did it provide a springboard to your growth?

*6) Hot Seat Question:

You are being forced to swap lives with one of two people. You get to choose between: Person A who works a 40-50 hour/week job, is living check to check, and spends an average of 2-3 hours a night watching tv or online to wind down.  Or Person B who makes $100k-$200k per year, works crazy long hours and has very little free time.  Both people wish they were pursuing their passions but are not doing so.  You are going to have to jump into one of these lives and find a way to eventually live your purpose and passion. Which person do you swap with and why? And what would be your first few steps to get to a life of purpose and passion?

*7) Motivation:

What Quote or Mantra do you turn to for motivation when you are facing a big obstacle?

*8) Your Contact:

We'd love for you to tell our listeners how they can find you online, contact you or sign up for your newsletter.

*I will email you the link for the online video interview. I currently use Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before, it will require a few extra minutes to load on your computer. Remember that this is an video interview. I release the video on the LiveTheGoals App and the audio version on all of the podcast players including iTunes, Google Play, iHeart, etc.

*Finally, although I don't have a problem with a little profanity, I try to keep my podcast PG. If you accidentally slip up, we'll figure out a way to beep it out but it helps if you can catch yourself. Lol!

Now let's get ready to crush this interview and have a really fun time!

Recording: By participating in the interview, you agree to allow to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, promotional materials and in all other public distribution.