Ep238: Helping People Go From Paycheck to Purpose with Lashana N. WIlliams

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Interview Guest:

Lashana N Williams, the Success Navigator is the CEO of Women’s Journey 2 Success LLC and a certified career and life coach whose personal mission is to “motivate, inspire, and empower women to uncover their life’s purpose and achieve their personal and professional best.” Fueled by her personal mission, she is committed to helping you discover the career that is aligned with your passions and purpose.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What you can do to start finding your purpose;
  • How to get closer to your goals;
  • How your personal vision impacts your goals;
  • How you can start working for your purpose instead of just a paycheck;
  • The impact your personal obstacles can have on finding your purpose;
  • That Dale didn’t understand video lighting when he recorded his first few interviews… LOL;
  • And so much more!!!

Hot Seat Scenario:

Lashana chose to swap places Person B who is making lots of money but doesn’t have any time to spare. Lashana said she would investigate whether her current company has resources like business resource groups or assessments that help her discover her purpose for free. She would then use her financial resources to outsource the work she needs to get done. She’d look at possibly creating an online business like video courses or livestreaming.

Motivational Quote or Mantra:

“Let’s make it happen!”

How to Contact:

Event: Paycheck to Purpose

Website: www.lashanacoaches.com

Email: lashanacoaches@gmail.com

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