Ep211: Laughing Through Crohn’s and Life’s Other Obstacles with Nyla Smith


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Interview Guest:

In the height of her high school social season Nyla Smith was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease, IBD, depression, and anxiety (panic disorder). She underwent a lesser known form of chemotherapy called Remicade Infusions but that left her to deal with a bunch of new symptoms. Then against the suggestion of her physicians and teachers Nyla enrolled and excelled at St. John’s University. At nineteen years old, she became the youngest recipient of a Bachelors of Science degree from St. John’s University. Her testimony has already inspired millions of people around the world. And you may have even seen a meme of her graduation photo because it went viral and got over two million shares! On top of all of that, Nyla is the founder and CEO of Hustle Hard Campaign! A non-profit that is giving back to make sure that other have the resources to make it through their adversities.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Living life with Crohn’s Disease;
  • How to live with someone with a chronic illness;
  • The difference between IBD and IBS;
  • The value of seeking therapy;
  • The importance of taking breaks when you need them;
  • How to define your own journey;
  • The mindset you need to push through your obstacles;
  • How your life story can empower others;
  • And so much more!!!

Hot Seat Scenario:

Nyla chose to swap places with Person B who makes several hundred thousand dollars a year but has very little time outside of work. Nyla would begin doing different activities or connecting with different people to find her passion. She would save her money so that she can take some time off after she finds her passion to begin working toward her passion.

Motivational Quote or Mantra:

“Courageous people don’t have an absence of fear. It’s what you do in spite of that fear that makes you courageous.”

How to Contact:

Website: HustleHardCamp.com

Instagram: @Nyla_Smith

Twitter: @hustlehard_camp

Facebook: HustleHardCampaign