Ep130: How Everything You Are Is Connected to Your Success with Dr. Tracy Thomas

Dr. Tracy Thomas, works with top executives, leaders, and celebrities, equipping them with the internal resources needed to lead their lives intuitively, strategically and intentionally. Dr. T removes hidden obstacles so you can experience optimal wellness, success, and empowerment. Her unique methodology is rooted in understanding her clients’ unique bio-physiological and psycho-social stress factors that lead to survival-based behavior adaptations. In short, she takes a holistic approach to success and believes that everything you are and everything you do is connected.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How sometimes your mistakes can create beautiful circumstances (even on your wedding day).
  • How to evaluate whether or not you truly want your goals.
  • How to clarify your actual desires and goals.
  • How to avoid having everything and feeling like you have nothing.

Hot Seat Scenario:

Dr. T chose to swap places with Person B who is making plenty of money but is working crazy long hours. She believes that the hours come less from the need of work than a pattern of overwork. She would shift her mindset to work more efficiently. She would find ways to make adjustments and integrate things in her life to become more efficient and focused on her purpose. She would shift her thinking away from a scarcity mindset to realize how much of everything is actually available.

Motivational Quote or Mantra:

You are a powerful creator. What do you want to create out of this?

How to Contact:

Website:  DrTracyInc.com

Book: The Total Life Reset Manual