Ep090: Paralympian Tanner Gers is living the dream and inspiring others along the way

Paralympian Tanner Gers is an author, entrepreneur, professional speaker and podcaster. Tanner lost his sight in 2004 after a horrific car accident but didn’t let that stop him.  He decided to create a life worth living and to inspire the world.

What you can do TODAY to accomplish your goals:

  • Write your goals down and remain conscious of them at all times.
  • Meditation in the morning and the evening that includes gratitude, reading your goals and reading them as well.

Hot Seat Scenario:

Tanner choses to swap places with Person A who is living check to check but spends 2 – 3 hours a day winding down. He says that Person A has to make a choice and start moving in the direction of his goals, purpose and happiness.

Motivational Quote or Mantra:

“Make plans like an adult and believe in them like a child.” Jim Rohn

How to Contact:

Website: CreativeSuccessShow.com

Podcast: The Creative Success Show