Ep069: Dr Taunya Lowe helps us become #RiotStarters!

In this episode, Dr. Taunya Lowe pours into us and helps us become #RiotStarters. That’s easy for her because she is a national and international trainer, consultant and coach with more than two decades of experience in training, leadership development, strategic planning and coaching. Dr. Taunya is also the author of “Wanna Start a Riot? Change. Affirmations, Confirmations and Prayers” and host of The Riot Starter Chat podcast. This episode is full of so much advice and motivation from Dr. Taunya that you should not miss.

What you can do TODAY to accomplish your goals:

  • Make sure that your written goals are SMART goals.
  • Get an accountability partner.

Hot Seat Scenario:

Dr. Taunya chose to swap places with Person B who has plenty of money but doesn’t feel like she has any time. Dr. Taunya suggested that Person B take some of her money and invest it in a mastermind group AND find a coach to help her find her purpose. This will help Person B really life a purposeful life. Dr. Taunya, reminded us that time is just as much an investment as money. It’s time to make a change and start a riot so find out where you can make the time to start your riot!

Dr. Taunya’s Free Guide:

How to be Bold audio recording (Scroll down to “Get Your Free Gift”)

Dr. Taunya’s Book:

Wanna Start a Riot? Change. Affirmations, Confirmations and Prayers

Motivational Quote or Mantra:

  • I have hope, therefore I keep the faith. I keep the faith, therefore I have hope. Don’t give up. Don’t stop believing.

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Website: DrTaunyaLowe.com

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