Ep054: Jay Bode discusses Overcoming Obstacles in Life and as an OCR athlete

In this episode, Jay Bode, host of Overcome and Run Podcast, discusses overcoming obstacles, goal setting and the similarities between life and Obstacle Course Races. We get into the importance and value of having accountability partners, mentors, coaches and a community that keeps you accountable to your goals.

Hot Seat Scenario:

We did a special hot seat scenario with Jay. Jay is an early riser so it was easy for him to pick Person B, the early riser and give suggestions on how to fit exercise into Person B’s day.

Fitness Podcast Jay Likes:

Fat Burning Man

Jay’s Advice:

  • You can’t let an obstacle define the end result. Push past that obstacle as hard as you can

How to Contact:

Website: OverComeandRun.com

Facebook: facebook.com/overcomeandrun

Email: Jay@overcomeandrun.com