Ep039: Philip Randazzo is Helping Children and Adults Succeed with the Power of Accountability and Mastermind Groups

Philip Randazzo, Author, Host of Yield Mastermind Talks Podcast and Co-founder of The Yield Mastermind Group, talks about the how he shares the power of accountability, goal setting and being a lifelong learner with children all across the country.  We also get to hear how Philip’s determination and persistence landed him on a college basketball team.

What you can do TODAY to accomplish your goals:

  • Have a plan of attack because goals without action mean nothing.
  • Utilize a Gratitude Journal or a Goals Planner. Philip uses:
    1. The Five Minute Journal by UJ Ramdas.
    2. Productivity Planner by UJ Ramdas.
  • Every morning write:
    1. 3 things you are grateful.
    2. 3 great things that are definitely going to happen to you later that day.
    3. Affirmations that you hold true about yourself or that you want to be true about yourself
    4. The one thing that you must accomplish that day (and then don’t start anything else until you finish that task first).
  • Find an accountability partner.

Hot Seat Scenario:

Philip chose Person B who has plenty of money but no time outside of work. He knows that Person B has already built up the work ethic needed to succeed.  Person B could sell off a few the possessions that he or she doesn’t need and use some of that money to help seed a new business. Philip also states that Person B can start the new business on the side without quitting his or her current job.

Quote/Mantra He Uses:

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