Ep029: Casey and Natasha Grey’s six steps to Reaching your Goals

In this episode, Casey and Natasha Grey, from Conscious Living Podcast, share how they turned an obstacle into a business advantage and also give you six steps to reaching your goals.

What you can do TODAY to accomplish your goals:

  • Set your goals.
  • Add a purpose to your goals.
  • Create a list of tasks required to achieve your goals.
  • Prioritize the list of tasks.
  • Delegate the tasks that don’t require you to personally complete them.
  • Schedule remaining tasks into your calendar.

Hot Seat Scenario:

Casey and Natasha chose Person A who spends a few hours a day after work watching tv or surfing the internet. They discuss how Person A can leverage his/her extra time to pursue a passion.

Quote/Mantra He Uses:

  • Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
  • This too shall pass.

 How to Contact:

Website: CaseyplusNatasha.com

Website: TheConsciousStore.com

Website: TheConsciousBuilder.com