Ep001: Dr. Isaac Jones shares how to experience Heaven on Earth

In this episode, we interview SuperHuman Entrepreneur Dr. Isaac Jones. Dr. Jones shares tips and hacks to help you find your purpose, reach your goals and experience a little Heaven on Earth. For full show notes, go to LiveTheGoals.com and search for “Isaac” in the search bar. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any future episodes! Sign up for the LiveTheGoals Newsletter at LiveTheGoals.com.

What you can do TODAY:

  1. Set 90 day goals
  2. Have a 25 year plan

Hot Seat Scenario:

Dr. Jones gave us a step by step guide detailing what he would do to live his purpose and passion if he was currently in a job he wasn’t passionate about, living check to check but had 3 hours a day to spare.

Quote/Mantra He Uses:

  1. “Rule your mind or else it will rule you.”
  2. “Focus is about saying no.”

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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